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Caminul Felix


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We give families to the children of the world


The Mission of Felix Family Villages Ministry is to expand the reach of Felix Family Village and establish new family villages in collaboration with national Christian churches and organisations in countries where there are abandoned children.

Felix Family Villages Romania


Caminul Felix has started in 1990 with one village in Oradea, in the western part of Romania. Today our organization has two villages with 16 families caring for over 200 children.


Felix Family Villages Thailand


Felix Family Village in Surat Thani, Thailand started 2007 with a line of seminars, presentations in churches in Thailand and Sweden. Today we have 7 homes with children that have a new mom and dad.


Felix Family Villages in Africa


From 2010 we have started several activities on the continent, giving support and building partnerships in Tanzania and Kenya, and in Zimbabwe we feed 70 little children that are living with elderly relatives.